Apple iPhone facts

The introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007 really stormed the mobile market.

The iPhone is not just an ordinary mobile phone. But a very small device with multimedia and Internet functions integrated into a mobile phone. Apple’s iPhone allows you to make or answer calls, enjoy music, have fun with various games. Surf the Internet and even watch videos.

Apple’s iPhone is also excellent. It has a wonderfully slim and beautiful design and has a vibrant touch screen that beautifully displays photographs and other images. The beauty of the iPhone is that you hardly see control buttons because everything from dialing numbers to sending messages is done through the touch screen. In fact, the iPhone is a three-in-one mechanism that does the work of a cell phone combined with a video and music player. A device that can help you surf the Internet and also has a camera.

Some of the best features of the iPhone are:

It has excellent support for the GSM EDGE quad-band phone. It works like a camera phone and also has an iPod, speakerphone, d ” a Bluetooth stereo installation, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. The 3.5-inch screen is really fantastic. The iPhone can also send and receive visual voice messages and mail. The screen resolution is 320 x 480 pixels and provides unmatched image clarity. The iPhone runs on the Mac OS X operating system and is loaded with a full version of Apple’s web browser known as Safari.

The iPhone software is simply incomparable, it is very simple, flashy and without menus. You will find only one button at the bottom of the screen that opens the home page and the home page, in turn, presents 16 icons of phone functions, which makes it very easy to use. One-click and the iPhone are ready to use. The interface is so simple that you do not miss knowing what to do with the variety of functions that are presented on the iPhone.

Steve Jobs described Apple’s iPhone as beautiful hardware with incredible software inside. This extremely sophisticated and wonderfully designed Apple phone is not just a phone with a variety of features. Just like Apple iPods had transformed the way people listen to music these days. The iPhone seems to offer real and fierce competition to other mobile phones of the time.

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