A preview of the new HTC Explorer device

Recently we have seen a range of new phones launched by HTC that cover all areas of the market.

We saw the Sensation XL with its large screen that is perfect for multimedia users and also the HTC Rhyme. That is an attractive phone for the female audience. Now it’s HTC Explorer’s turn, a phone for people who have never had a smartphone before.

The HTC Explorer is HTC’s new entry-level model and is under the popular Wildfire S device of the brand’s range. The model aims to simplify the entire smartphone experience while providing good performance and functionality. The design of the phone is nice and very compact because it offers a small 3.2-inch screen. Instead of using the metal back panel found in many high-end models. This phone offers a rubber finish that feels very comfortable when in use.


The phone will be available in a black or blue finish, but the back cover is interchangeable. That means that colors can be easily exchanged, so more variations are expected. The phone is about the width and height of a credit card, which is very attractive. But the small size of the screen can have its drawbacks when it comes to tasks such as surfing the web. We’re a little extra size can have been useful

HTC Explorer would not be expected to match the tastes of Sensation XL and Evo 3D for technical specifications and does not. But still offers enough to ensure fast and satisfactory operation. A 600 MHz processor is more than enough to ensure that the phone operates at a fast speed, and when you perform a single task, you can expect the performance to be at a level similar to models like Wildfire S.


If you start to Using the phone’s multitasking features. It is here that you can notice that the phone slows down a bit. However, it is unlikely that someone who wants to buy a phone based on its multitasking benefits looks at this model first. A 3 million pixel camera is installed to capture these random moments and the image quality is quite satisfactory in daylight. Although it suffers when darker scenes are photographed. In terms of connectivity, the model offers WiFi facilities with 3G so you can be sure of an excellent web connection. Whether you are at home or away from it.

HTC Explorer is the perfect first step in the world of Android and should touch-sensitive fiber in certain areas of the market. As the holiday season approaches, this competitively priced model could be a real success for HTC.

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